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Referral Rewards Program

As we are working to grow AZ Laser Creations,

we want to reward our clients that help us spread the word!

Here are some of the Types of New Clients we are working to attract:

  • Realtors

  • Military Families

  • Restaurants/Bars

  • Weddings

So for every new Client you refer to us, you will get Referral Credits for every time they order.

  • Product purchases only

  • Does not include Rush charges, shipping, services

  • You will continue to get these reward credits for the first 12 months that they order.


  1. You help sign up a Realtor and you will get 5 Referral Credits (10%) for every $50 order (that's about the average item).

  2. You help connect us to the Real Estate's Broker and their whole office starts ordering, you will get Referral Credits (10%) for everything ordered from that office.  That can add up quickly for you.

Think about having all of your Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary gifts paid for for the whole year.  

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